About New Dental Web

We're different in a good way.



If you're like most dentists, you could care less about metatags and the other intricacies involved in creating a great website. You just want a good-looking website that magically brings in new business so you can focus on what matters most: YOUR PATIENTS.

That's where we come into play.  You can be as hands-off as you'd like, and focus on your patients while we do the legwork.

Top Complaints We Hear About Other Dental Website Companies

  1. We just paid $12,000 for a website and we hate it.  We want to start over but we just spent all this money.
  2. Our website is done but it looks like everyone else's website.  It's not "us."
  3. We're ready for a new website but we have 15 months left on our contract.
  4. Every single time I need a word changed on the website it takes five days and it's another $75 charge.

You complained about others, and we listened.

What Separates New Dental Web From The Others

  1. No big, upfront costs
    We build custom websites at a low monthly price.  How's it possible?  Customer retention.  We bend over backwards to make sure you are happy, knowing our success depends on you being a long-term client.
  2. Custom designs built around your personality
    Unlike other template companies, we actually custom-design and build all of our websites with your goals in mind, using your colors and photos!
  3. No long-term contracts
    Unlike all other monthly-website companies, we don't have long term contracts.  We assume the financial risk so you don't have to.
  4. Update are included- or you can make them yourself
    We don't charge by the minute so you don't have to worry about calling us.  Among other things, the low monthly costs include changes to existing content.  And if you're a DIY guy, you can simply login and make the changes yourself.

You Only Pay For What You Need

We're not here to "sell" you on anything.  It's true, a lot of dental practices are similar and use the same marketing tools.  But all practices are different, and they are also at different development stages.  Our focus is on growing your dental business to where you want it to be.

  1. We only recommend products and services that will help you with your goals.
  2. Our websites aren't just pretty- they're functional
    We'll help integrate your site to assist with practice management.
  3. Our content management system (CMS) is robust
    Our CMS is constantly upgraded with the latest web tools.  Translation - your site technology won't be extinct in three years.

Efficient and cost-effective

  1. Turnaround time on new projects is weeks, not months
  2. Edits to websites happen within hours, not weeks
  3. Great product, low prices
    Our prices are low because we focus on dental websites, and dental marketing products and services.  When we build a new industry web tool, we're able to use it across all dental clients resulting in savings for everyone.